From the good folk at the 5th Ranetas VR Fest:

The registration call to the 5th Ranetas VR Fest is now open.

Art works to participate in the 5th Ranetas VR Fest, organized by the association Las Ranetas, can be sent now for any work related with virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

The festival will take place on November 2019 at the exposition hall in Alcañiz (Teruel) and it will consist of two different sections. One section dedicated to short films and virtual reality-based experiences, and another section devoted to art works based on virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and artificial intelligence.
This year, awards will be prized in CREA – a cryptocurrenty designed to promote and empower the digital culture and digital art work production, which is hold by the platform Creary. In this platform, the artist can safely certify their Author’s rights over their art works and, at the same time, they can distribute them directly to their followers, users and fans.

Works can be sent until 30th September 2019. Conditions for participation are available in this link. Both the registration of the art works and the entrance to the festival are free of charges, as this is a non-lucrative event with the objective to promote virtual reality and augmented reality in our region.

And last but not least, the association Las Ranetas specially thanks all the art works produced in different studios (Oculus Story Studio, Google Spotlight Stories, Wevr, BBC, Future Lighthouse) and by international artists (Goro Fujita, Tamiko Thiel, Rein Bijlsma, Stuart Campbell, Steve Teeple, Nick Ochoa…) who have participated in this contest since 2015, as well as the renowned illustrator Alex Tooth , who illustrated the poster for this 5th Ranetas VR Fest edition.

More information and details about the 5th Ranetas VR Fest are available at the website of Las Ranetas association.

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