So What’s The Go Here?

XR Artists is a place where creatives using XR arts-based technologies can share, discuss, and access resources. Whereas other groups devoted to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality art might compartmentalise creative output into subgenres, here at XR Artists we’re all about the hybrids – how these techniques and genres overlap and intersect.

We’re all about offering insights on relevant workflows, happy accidents resulting from unconventional VR tool use, competitions, new works or works in progress, live streaming of works as they materialise, and news/podcasts/streams/resources related to XR artforms. All we ask of you is to be considerate of each other – this is meant to be an all inclusive, inspiring space for us to play, collaborate and connect. Let’s encourage each other to be our very best.

Our Overlady + Overlordy

XR Artists Collective Co-founders Mez Breeze and Kevin Ang are our official XR Artists Collective Overlordy/Overlady. Mez and Kevin are happy to help with anything XR Art related – feel free to reach out to them with questions, resources, or assorted feedback.

Our Think Tank

Our Members