“Over the course of the week, this workshop will follow two twin trajectories – split into small groups, participants will divide their time equally between two different but complimentary sides to the VR/AR creative process, working towards the creation of new work, formation of new collaborative relationships, and honing of VR painting and creation skills.

Sutu will lead sessions in VR painting using Tilt Brush, exploring the painting process, filming the resulting work, and outputting 2D and 360 films. He will show how 360 content can be exported to 3D formats, for further use in other programs such as Unity. Advanced techniques covered will include creation of 3D scans for import into Tilt Brush.

Paisley will lead participants through a world-building process, where details of your story-world are established. From the basic seed of a world, brought to the session by each participant, Paisley will help you to imagine what that world would look like in VR, working to create a prototype of the world using real-life model making techniques before moving into VR.

You don’t need prior experience of VR to take part – by the end of the session, you will have developed the skills, tech knowledge and increased imaginative potential to create new VR worlds, artworks and narratives.”

[Apply for the AR/VR Workshop here.]

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