A critically crucial statement about #BlackLivesMatter from the amazing ARVR Women And Allies that has our full support:

“ARVR Women and Allies stand with the victims and community at large who are angered and hurt by racist police brutality and racial profiling exhibited time and again subjugating the Black and Brown community to violence and injustice. With countless victims belonging to marginalized groups, including the most recent, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Black and Brown Americans dying at the hands of police has to stop.


Virtual reality has a mandate to be inclusive and fair for everyone. Since 2015, women have globally organized meetups and bravely addressed the obvious lack of representation across our small, yet growing industry. We have an obligation to make space and elevate the voices of this movement.


Here are 4 helpful guidelines to help our community heal:
🌿 Learn what you can do to help fight for a more just America: https://www.obama.org/anguish-and-action/
🌿 How to support Black Lives Matter as a non-black person: http://centennialbeauty.com/how-to-support-black-lives-matter-as-a-non-black-person/
🌿 Learn the about BLM movement: https://blacklivesmatter.com/about/
🌿 If you have a corporate voice, take a cue from Playstation and understand the power you have to amplify messages of anti-racism by muting your own messages of self-interest right now. You will have your time again soon, but understand that now is not it. https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/1/21277238/sony-ps5-playstation5-event-postponed-protests


If you have perpetuated harm in the past, step aside. This is not about you:
🌿We ask that you not expect marginalized groups to acknowledge that you are now “listening”.
🌿 It’s not the time to shift the focus on you, or how you are doing work on yourself to absolve yourself of your past harm or ignorance. Here is a guide to help you overcome your feeling of entitlement, and will also help your interpersonal relationships take a turn for the better. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/in-practice/201303/9-types-entitlement-tendencies-and-how-overcome-them
🌿Making up for where you were before the riots is not work anyone needs to do for you.


Get involved in the Fight for Black lives. Contact a local chapter, make a donation, make a purchase, and find resources and actions.”


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