From the mega-fabbo Madeleine Adele Thomas:

“Attention all 3D and VR artists! This year, the Wave community has been asked to hold the Empyrean Temple Burning Man event in VR and provide a safe space for the ceremonial Temple burn. We are going to construct multiple venues for the event and would like to feature any VR or 3D art the community wishes to submit.

This is a call to action for everyone in the world of digital art to donate a piece for the Burn, to create an experience unlike any other with the world building the stage. Everyone is qualified to submit, and we encourage everyone from novices to professionals to contribute. The themes of this event revolve around inclusivity, collaboration and harmony.

The following are submission guidelines to help us work around the massive influx of art and restrictions building the venues. Thank you for understanding.
-VR and 3D art are welcome. You must provide a Google Poly link to your public/remixable artwork in order to submit your artwork. If you would like it to remain unlisted, we can contact you to open the piece up when we are ready to insert it into the venue.
-Artists may be asked make adjustments to their art for various reasons specific to the Wave platform. (ie size limit, lighting changes, Tiltbrush light/brush interactions) Artists will be notified by the team about all proposed changes.
-No NSFW, bigoted, or branded material of any kind.
-Please keep your pieces to a manageable size. Here is a guide that will help you prepare your work and manage size restrictions in Wave.
-One art piece per artist, please.

Submission form: Artist/Group Name Contact Info (email, Discord, etc) Google Poly Link Public or Unlisted

Please submit art in the Discord below or to

We encourage everyone to participate in this community driven event and hope to make it a truly transformative experience for those who participate. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ru (@Ruoldschool Twitter, Ru#0001 Discord), or Illuminatty/Natty Ice (@illuminattyVR Twitter)

Please join us on Discord here for questions, comments or submissions:”

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