Fabbo news here via Variety involving the Museum of Other Realities [many of our XR Artists are in the MOR stable including Scobot, Sutu, Mez Breeze, Sam Luck, Nick Ladd, Michelle Brown, Matt Schaefer, Rosie Summers, Steve Teeple and others]:

“Having planned a major physical expansion to its immersive and augmented reality program, the Cannes Festival’s Marché du Film is channeling those energies into an extensive online event taking up the whole of the later half of this year’s five-day Cannes Film Market event.

Once Cannes XR 2020, now reimagined as Cannes XR Virtual, as the whole of the Cannes Film Market goes digital as a standalone online event over June 22-26, Cannes XR Virtual will feature conferences, pitching sessions and project presentations made available via a 2D live video stream on the Marché du Film Online, Tribeca Film Festival and Kaleidoscope websites, the Marché du Film – the Cannes Film Market – announced on Tuesday.

Bringing together executives from the traditional filmmaking industry, XR artists, independent producers, leading tech companies, investors, location-based and online distributors, Cannes XR will be co-hosted by Museum of Other Realities, a virtual art gallery featuring immersive works from VR artists from over the world, and open to VR users via MOR’s application on Steam, Viveport and Oculus.”



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