This call out from our lovely XRAer Lisa Padilla:

“I am embarking on a new Tilt Brush project and I’m hoping for collaborators! The idea is Read-Along Storybooks for VR in Tilt Brush. Do you remember these little books that included a CD that read each page to you and prompted you with a chime to turn the page? So my idea is to create short stories, navigable by clearly marked teleport areas where viewers can look at a scene while they listen via headphones (or through the headset earphones) to a recorded story, complete with chimes to move to the next teleport area/scene. Branching stories would be easy. I’ll be creating a template for other artists/developers to build on, along with some instructions for how I set up audio and a resource page where we can improve upon the processes. Please let me know if you’re interested in creating some PG-13 stories with me, credited by you, and distributed worldwide. Concept sketch below. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

I will be working with some clinicians (psychologists) in November and would love to show them some of this work. If you’re interested, let’s get going. I will be getting a conference call together to discuss. Let me know if you’d like to participate.”

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