Naomi Cornman, the Product Marketing Manager at Oculus, outlines here all the features that are being removed from Oculus Medium, which she assures us aren’t at this time in anticipation of a later introduction of a Medium subscription model:

“We’re continuously working to improve Oculus Medium and it’s core sculpting features. Sometimes, that means getting rid of features.

In a few months, we’ll be releasing a new version of Medium with new features and improvements and will be de deprecating some features that, based on our analytics, are less utilized by you. We’re letting you know now so you have time to adapt your habits or back up your files.



• Share-to-Web (“My Gallery” on You’ll no longer be able to share your sculpts to your Gallery on our website. If you have sculpts stored on our website and want them for future reference, please download your sculpts and full resolution OBJ’s.
• Share-to-Facebook Feed: You will no longer be able to share your sculpt as a 3D Post on Facebook.
• The Learn page ( All Tutorials live on Youtube:
You’ll no longer be able to download Tutorials to follow along in VR.
• VR Recordings: You’ll no longer be able to record your sculpting sessions in 3D. 2D Video Recording and Photos will persist. If you want to keep VR Recordings, please use a 2D Video recorder to capture it.
• Newsfeed: We are removing the in-app Newsfeed items
• Featured Artists on our website: We’re removing this portion of our website.

These features require consistent web engineering maintenance and have low usage rates. As we gear up for our next release in a few months, we want to focus our time to improve Medium for the workflow and pipeline.


Q: I’m unable to download the sculpts saved to My Gallery. Where did they go?
A: Unfortunately, some older assets were deleted over time for reasons that are not immediately clear to us. We apologize if you lost a sculpt for which you have no other copy.

Q: Do 3D Posts still work?
A: Existing 3D Posts still work, but a more viable – and better supported – 3D format on the Facebook feed are 3D Photos. We’re not scheduled yet to support that pipeline. See more information about 3D Photos here:

Q: I still want to watch 2D videos while in VR. How do I do that?
A: You can watch 2D videos while in VR through Dash! To open or close Dash, select the Oculus button on your right Touch controller while you’re in VR. From here you’ll have access to the Dash belt, including Oculus Desktop:

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