Kevin Ang reporting here from the HiFi MultiCon Event:

“Like any good gif should, that first one defines what it was like to experience my first HiFi MultiCon while essentially graffiti bombing the town of MultiVille today with Scobot VJ

It’s like we had our own little artists’ convention on top of it with the likes of Jeremy Casper and Tipatat Chennavasin showcasing their beautiful works at the scale they deserve. It was also so heartening to see Samantha Luck, Christopher Valore, Ian Crighton and Jose Andres Rosero (working AND dancing) come out and support us!

What was really impressive was how much sheer work went into the 35 avatar entries and how articulated they are. It definitely inspires me and others to create assets/characters for a world like this. Care to create a domain sometime?

Multiville will be up for the rest of the month so go check it out and see if you can find all my weird little drawings.

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