Hallow’s Eve is almost upon us and we thought it would be good fun to have a friendly pumpkin carving competition, but all done in XR. Ian Crighton, the mastermind behind this particular devilish task, has created a pumpkin for you to download and make your mark with: https://skfb.ly/6OpXV
A couple simple ground rules:
  • You can only take away from the pumpkin in carving, just like the real thing!
  • Having said that, adding pumpkin guts are a welcome exception
  • You can post as many versions as you like, renders and skins allowed.
  • Submissions are due by Hallow’s Eve with the hashtag #pimpmypumpkininxr
  • We will post a poll with all the entries and you can vote on your favorite as a community.

Grand Ghastly Prize: The winning entry will get their very own 3D print!

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