This comes straight from the heart & mind of Lucas Rizotto, creator of the contemplative VR experience “Where Thoughts Go.” Using a Remote Year approach to literally and virtually leap into new frontiers, I can’t think of a better way to co-create memorable experiences while growing a movement. Don’t mind me while I look for all the spare change in my couch now …

Our Mission

We want you to grow as much as possible: as a person, as a creator and as a brand. This is a new kind of lifestyle in which you’re always inspired, always learning, and always making throughout the world.

And sharing is a key part of our DNA: want to bring the internet into our adventures as well. The Caravan is a home, but also a platform that’ll educate people on the world & what VR+AR is all about.

Ultimately, we want the Caravan to become a beacon for VR+AR creativity – a place where passion, innovation, and exploration all meet. And we hope to make enough noise to attract sponsors that line up with our vision & allow our members to do live with us free of charge.

Apply for the caravan here!

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