“I am posting a piece I have been developing in Quill for a few weeks now for the company I work at Mi Concept + Design:
Day of the Dead – The VR Dark Ride Experience
I created a piece depicting an environment of a ride concept for a “Day of the Dead” VR Dark Ride experience at a theme park.
If you like this piece and would like to vote for it in the competition please follow the steps below I would greatly appreciate it!
  1. Go to this link: https://1.shortstack.com/k8hpJc?fbclid=IwAR03WUi5x6Amu98tiECul6pNB-DgoSQqUcFNfOGBZWxDDJ8E9W7denD8vBs
  2. Scroll down and click CATEGORY – INDEPENDENT ART/IP – Environment
  3. Scroll down again (it will seem like the page hasn’t refreshed but it did if you keep scrolling down you will see entries) until you see ” Day of the Dead – The VR Dark Ride Experience ” – it is the 6th piece, very orange and red coloured
Click the “like” ❤️ button under my piece.
****Thank you everyone and keep up the amazing work on this group!* Thank you to those who have voted! Much much appreciated!****
To see other process videos and close up shots of the VR piece feel free to check it out at my website here:

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