Good XR and non-XR citizens of the Earth,

We come in peace (and potentially pieces) to inform you of a new(ish) XR Artists Collective that we, the XR Artist Overlady and Overlordy, have created.

We really like these things you Earthlings call XR, or Extended Reality, which encompasses Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Spatial Computing and loads of other esoteric and weirdly wonderful categories and platforms. We enjoy rattling through all of those.

We also love to turn our hands (actually more tentacle-shaped protuberances) to creating XR-based things. Things filled with the odd and the quirk, with the front as the back, and/or the side as the middle, and sometimes, even the floor. Or a kitten.

We like to make the occasionally sloppy, sometimes polished, rarely standard but always interesting XR-ish thing(s), as do all of our XR crew found here. Feel free to join us if you like these things too.

So prepare to have your intellects (and potentially your fun-glands, if you have those) invaded!โ€ฆ.uhnnn, we mean, probed. No no! We mean: tickled. Thatโ€™s it, tickled.

With Non-Threatening Regards (or Hellos if You Prefer),

Your Friendly Non-Neighbourhood XR Artist Collective Overlady + Overlordy.


  1. Where do I sign. .I’m keen to get involved but not sure who to contact. So this is Mork calling Orson. .come in Orson

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