Want a job in XR? Here’s one: “XR CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Open Learning-MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality (MIT Virtuality), to spearhead the creation of unprecedented novel types of XR works within MIT Virtuality. These would showcase the most creative and innovative potential of Virtuality using a range of technologies.  These works are typically situated in the MIT Virtuality Studio, but may include creative collaborations within the MIT Virtuality Lab. May also contribute to fund-raising/grant writing and collaborate with researchers/students on XR works, dissemination, and assessment.  Responsibilities include initiating and communicating ideas/concepts; exploring and testing concepts through prototypes; pre-production; forming teams and overseeing production; working with researchers to evaluate impact; fundraising for flagship work with support from MIT; collaborating across MIT with staff and students on flagship projects; disseminating work through conferences, festivals, etc. exploring and setting up external collaborations for flagship work; and providing expert advice to the MIT Virtuality director. 

A full description is available at https://openlearning.mit.edu/about/jobs. “

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