‘Virtual-reality art is a high-tech medium that can be thoroughly enjoyed by low-tech bystanders (this writer very much included). “When you’re thinking about collecting virtual-reality work, you see it as avant-garde experimentation with a new potential for visual creation, a new artistic tool,” said Nichole. “And you absolutely want to be early in acquiring it, and investing in the studios who are doing that kind of work, despite all the odds.”
“Artists working in VR and other new and emerging technologies continue to gain cultural value and provide energy and excitement to the contemporary art scene,” Newcome said. “But the broader collecting community is always going to be a bit more cautious and risk-averse.…You’re not alone, as a collector, or a human, if you don’t quite know what to think of VR yet. The history of this medium is being written now. But that fact in itself should be exciting to a collector who wants to be engaged in contemporary culture.”’
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